Spiritual Discovery for the 21st Century
The Knowledge of Good and Evil
by Jim Chapman

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Summary of chapter themes: The Book in Brief


Introduction (2)
Spirituality and Infinity (4)
In the Beginning (3)
Seeds and Soil (5)
Levels of Spiritual Action (9)
Thinking About Pure Goodness (3)
The Idea of Infinite Goodness (10)
What About Evil? (11)
The Dawn (5)
Infinitely Defining Evil (10)
Male and Female (7)
Wholeness (5)
Compounding (3)
Nonsense (3)
Signs of Progress (3)
Conclusion (4)

If you make progress reading a few of these chapters and are interested in reading more, you can download a complete PDF of the book or email me with your mailing address to jim@hyperthot.com  and I'll snail-mail you a free paperback, while supplies last. 

After 25 years of observation, I feel it is fair to surmise that, in order to make sense of this book, and to have any idea of its application in practice, one should probably have some experience and success in practicing some form of spiritual or metaphysical healing, whether it be Christian Science practice or something related.

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