Still More About This Theory

Until now, the monotheistic religions of the world have reached out to what we might call the "I am" as their concept of God.  There are some good reasons for this.   This "I am" reveals itself to human thought through five steps as the Great Architect; the stern Lawgiver; the Personal Savior; and then two metaphysical variations, where God is conscious loving divine Mind, and finally to God as pure Infinite Goodness.

Continuing to progress from this last sense of God as pure infinite goodness, lifts our thought out of the human dimension to comprehend a supersensible infinite "I" embracing and integrating the infinite "I am" and the infinite "I am not" as one whole infinite identity. This may seem to be a mouthful, but it merits our careful consideration. 

The fact of this infinite I, integrating contradictions at a higher level of abstraction than human thinking can comprehend, helps us understand the many facits of human religious thought that sometimes seem irreconcilable in the human dimension.   It shows why, for many religions, defining God simply as infinite spiritual goodness does not do justice to their sense of the Deity, even while that definition may find favor as a final step in human spiritual evolution. The goodness of the infinite includes an infinite sweet negative that is mysterious to human thought. Infinite spiritual thinking, and the supersensible wholeness that accompanies it, provides an approach for understanding these things.

I few years ago, I was thinking about how all this works and what an extraordinarily great feeling it is when you get that spiritual sense of consciousness where you can see that your problems are solved. I had been reading about someone who glimpsed that view, and I was remembering moments when I had seen it clearly myself. I wanted it again, and I asked myself the question, "How do I get there?" After thinking about it for a while, the answer came to me, and I wrote this poem describing it.

How Do I Get There?

He said receptivity isn't
Being ready for something you haven't
But knowing you already do,
To stand in that place
Where you look out on space,
And all of your dreams are come true.

But how do I get there?
And how do I go?
If you don't start there,
You'll never know.
It's a matter of origin.
It's matter of heart.
It's quietly knowing.
It's where you must start.

When you find words that renew,
And sweet silence that beckons you too,
They're not two halves that were parted,
They were one when they started.
And that's how they're speaking to you.

The I that's the source of the angels,
The I that's the home of your heart,
If it seems far away, if it takes all your day,
The secret is - that's where you start.

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