Spiritual Evolution

If you start at the bottom of this graphic, you can trace upward the historical evolution of Western religion. Monotheism marks the first step out of nature worship, mysticism, and superstition. Early monotheistic religions focus on observances and choosing righteousness over sin, with God as a stern lawgiver. In world history, as with the individual, after spiritual discipline takes hold, we are ready to learn the power of love and faith (i.e., love is the fulfilling of the law). Once leaving nature worship and mysticism, the spiritual seeker strives to stay on the right side of the chart as it ascends upward. The levels labeled "spirituality" and "being" bring us into the "metaphysical" religions, where we find similarities with contemporary Eastern religious themes. Hyperthot stakes out the area shown in yellow, where a new symmetry emerges that naturally conceives goodness and tends to preclude, by stages, conscious or manifest evils.

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