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Q: Early in your book you mention "short circuiting time." I need to accomplish more in less time (who doesn't?). Even though your book is interesting, I am not certain how it ties in with the every day. (HT)

A: As the book mentions (pg. 25), infinite thinking is not meant to be extrapolated directly into everyday life using human reasoning. It is a powerful way of spiritual thinking to solve core problems. It provides the spiritual solutions that dispel concerns, improve perspectives, and germinate new ideas. These ideas permeate consciousness until we come up with common sense solutions, even while gradually transforming what common sense means to us.

If I were using this approach to solve a time management problem, the result of my spiritual meditation might be a burst of creativity, a sense of peace, or an idea to improve my systems, take a training course, be more disciplined in my approach, summon the courage to tell my bosses that expectations are unrealistic, or figure out why I let myself get into such positions.

As you may have noticed from the book, the first steps in spiritual action are: (0) paying attention, and (1) obedience. That is a lot of what time management and project management are about - first you think, and then you do - you plan the work, and then you work the plan. They are disciplines.

When I was first starting in this spiritual stuff, I worked a lot on listening and obeying. I remember one Saturday morning, waking up with enthusiasm to do what I had planned, and then stopping and asking God what God wanted me to do. An idea popped into my head that I had not intended, but made sense, and so I did it. (Go visit my parents.) I was letting God (or divine Mind, or divine Principle, or the infinite I, or whatever term you are comfortable with) govern my day. I continued to practice at this until it became my habit. Some months later, I was reading some spiritual stuff and it utterly STRUCK me that since divine Principle governed my day (which I had already demonstrated to myself by listening and obeying), then I ALWAYS HAVE TIME TO DO THE THINGS I LOVE TO DO. It was just that simple. Would divine Love plan a day for me that included things I couldn't do? Would divine Love plan a day for me that was impossible? And on it goes. This hit me around 1974, and it has been with me ever since.
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