Q:  Being in the IT industry, most of the time I am mired in vast quantities of information which my organization expects me to chew and digest in double quick time.  I end up with a crisis of confidence since I feel I am forgetting what I read a few hours ago.  Do you have any solutions?

I will try to provide several responses, because the best answers might seem too abstract to be practical, depending on your previous experiences.

1. Mind your business. Keep a focus on what you do and what you need to do. You cannot read everything and will need to choose carefully how to spend your time. Follow your intuitions. This will enable you to become interested in  things that you may need to know in the future, even though you may not know you need them yet.

2. Emphasize knowing rather than remembering. You are not a storage facility (like RAM or a disk drive) where you have to accumulate information and then retrieve it. Claim your oneness and unity with infinite Mind, with the infinite I. You can expect to know what you need to know, when you need to know it. This is about knowing, not information storage and retrieval. Claim this knowing as your right, by divine reflection.

3. Lift your thought to God and follow your leadings. A few weeks ago, I was looking for friends in a crowd of many thousands of people. I used all my best human reasoning. I looked and looked for 30 minutes, and couldn't find them. Then I lifted my thought to God and declared that I know what Mind knows by reflection. A wisp of intuition came to
me, and I walked in that direction into the middle of the crowd. I couldn't go straight because there were so many people, so I meandered.  Then I looked up and saw my friends right in front of me. (I should have prayed first.)

4. Seek spiritual information from God. The feelings you mentioned, of being overwhelmed by information and not being able to assimilate it all, is very familiar to me. It is due to thinking of information as material. Divine Mind communicates to us as pure spiritual information that awakens the Truth in our hearts and minds and souls. Seek this information first. Let it form in you and in-form you. Then you will be led to the right reading and exposure and curiosities that you will need to do what God wants you to do in your work.

5. Understand that spirituality reveals what is important. Spirituality leads to that which is real and away from that which is
unreal and unimportant. As you develop more spiritual awareness, you will naturally know what is important. Ultimately, management information is not just data, it is those few pieces of data that are important. As you progress spiritually, you will naturally be sensitized to pay attention only to those things that are important.  The other will be in the background, not even registering on your radar screen.

6. Seek the oneness of Infinity. When you turn to the ONE infinite, it is definitely ONE. There is peace and harmony in that oneness. Oneness is the antidote to the confusion of too many choices and too much data.  Infinity is ONE. And that one is INFINITE. So when you turn to that infinite one, you have made the best choice. You have made the only
real choice. You will find that all things real are in that one. So you don't need to seek many sources. You need only to turn to your one Source. Out of that one, you will be led to find the revelation of its infinity. All things real are found in that one. Ultimately, turning to that one will reveal to you in clear peaceful simplicity, the profundity and infinity of all that is real. If you get just a wisp of that, it will bring you peace. Then you go about your business with a new perspective.

7. Give God the Glory.

8. Acknowledge this ability for all mankind.

I hope some of this is useful.


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