Q:  Since infinite spiritual thinking says the meaning of every infinite word is good, will you please explain how that could possibly apply to the infinite idea about racism?

Let's start by thinking about racism.  Racism is not just politically incorrect.   Racism is an evil.  It is an evil of inhumanity, and all human thinking is susceptible to it.  I was surprised to find this out a few years ago.   I had briefly and supportively visited the Million Man March in Washington DC, and afterward caught what I considered to be a racist thought going through my mind.  I was surprised, as I had always held racism to be an obvious evil.  I realized I needed to pray more about racism and to find the infinite idea about it.  I was richly rewarded.  (My praying about this triggered a spontaneous and heart warming realization of our one race, and also later led to an extraordinary spiritual vision.)

No matter how free one is from racism, until one has the infinite idea about it, one is never completely free from its evils.  At its essence, racism has two distinct aspects: first, it recognizes and exalts its own race; and second, it dehumanizes other races.  As usual, the infinite idea about this is the ultimate antidote. 

What is the infinite idea of racism, and how could it be good?  Imagine infinite Love saying, I am the infinite racism of infinite Love.  That means two things:   (1) all the children of infinite Love (us) are embraced in one infinite heavenly race of Love, and (2) nothing outside of that infinite Love has any reality, power, or place.  The second part is as important as the first.

That is the two-edged sword of Truth.  It says what is and what isn't, and those two exist together as a supersensible one.  As we increasingly recognize the one race of Love's infinite ideas, we will also realize Love's mandate that there be none else.   This dual nature of the infinite's point of view, representing the fatherhood and motherhood of the Infinite, is a very powerful idea, and the way to finally heal every vestige of the evils of racism in consciousness and life. 

(No one asked about this, but I wrote out an answer anyway, because it is important.)

(First posted 9/10/01, last updated 8/21/03)

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