Jihad - A Call to Holy War!

Doing evil and calling it holy war is a perversion of all that is holy.  If there is anything rightly called holy war, it must be holy and find its meaning and strength in true holiness.  Holy war should naturally vanquish hatred, malice, and spite; and it has nothing to do with revenge, which is a conspicuous evil.  (Revenge is evil masquerading as justice, but revenge is never justice and simply lures one into becoming an evil doer.)

" ...  Requite evil with good, and he who is your enemy will become your dearest friend.  But no one will attain this attribute save those who patiently endure; none will attain it save those who are truly fortunate."  The Quran 41:34-35   (See Web link on Loving Your Enemies).

It seems like we ought not to let the meaning of holy war be hijacked by evil doers.  If there is a holy war to be won, those most close to the loving kindnesses and tender mercies of true holiness should be instrumental in the victory.

If there is a holy war to be won, perhaps it is a holy war of the heart, a holy war of the mind and soul, where each is enlisted to overcome evil with good, to overcome hate through spiritual love, for spirituality to replace materiality, and for the spiritual holiness of the Infinite to embrace God's children in truth and love.

The wonderful thing about holy war is that there is only one power in the battle; and this self-existent, infinite I am operates to usher into human consciousness the wonders of its infinite goodness and to vanquish evil into nothingness in place and time, even now filled with unfolding spiritual light.  The spiritual idea of divine Truth and Love acts unopposed (to illustrate, when was the last time you saw a really big darkness overcome a really little light?).  The light and spiritual revelation of Truth and Love is even now filling empty places of darkness and ignorance, that only fleetingly appear as desperate evils on the human scene, before they vanish forever in the light of Truth and Love. 

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal,

but mighty through God ...

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Page last updated: 8-27-2006