Selected Articles on Spiritual Growth

Being is Unfoldment by Mary Sands Lee (originally published in the Christian Science Journal, January, 1941). This article provides a splendid introduction to the infinite idea of goodness, and it shows how Infinity can be ever active in our lives as a driving force for both individual and universal spiritual progress. While this article was written for a Christian Science publication, it is relatively free of jargon and human theology, and its spiritual message has universal application. (It is my favorite.)

Seeing Spiritual Existence by Jim Chapman (originally published in the Christian Science Sentinel, April 6, 1976). This article describes the process by which we can magnify our awareness of the spiritual dimension, and it shows how this helps us build a practical faith in the power of spiritual goodness in our lives. The article reflects my understanding as a Christian Scientist, as I was just starting to get inklings of the path beyond the spiritual - into things infinite. It has some useful insights.

The Dawn by Jim Chapman (previously unpublished). This article was written in 1978-1979 just as I was trying to make sense of the changes that I had encountered in my spiritual path, going from what I've called level 3 to level 4 of human belief. This article was submitted to the CS periodicals, just in case, and was returned twice, it having been cited by the Editor as a "rather dry essay ... " I'm including it here, not so much as a waymark, but as a somewhat contemporaneous analysis of where I'd been and the new place where I found myself. I'm thinking that others along the same path may find some helpful explanations within.

Jets and Rockets by Jim Chapman (previously unpublished). This article illustrates the transformation that takes place as we strive to express God's love - how our sense of separation from God gradually diminishes, and man's forever oneness with his source emerges within our sense of identity. I drafted this article in 1982, and it shows an important stepping stone into the level of infinite spiritual thinking and beyond.

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