Cycles of Spiritual Metabolism

Faith - Believing Good over Evil.

After choosing good over evil, the next phase begins as we cultivate affection for goodness. This activity of heart affects our beliefs, and we begin to believe in good beyond appearances, that is, we begin to develop faith. When we are at this level, we believe that what we "believe" is as important as what we do. The chapter "Levels of Spiritual Action" talks about this in a discussion about belief. The chapter "What About Evil?" discusses our view of the creator and the origin of evil at what we will call "level two" of our spiritual progress. If our sense of God's love is personal, we will be content to stay in this phase, with patience and faith. As our sense of God's love becomes more like a principle, a principle of Love more than a loving person, our conclusions about the absolute goodness of spiritual creation will lead us to the next phase.

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