0. Undifferentiated Experience
1. Judgment - Chosing Good over Evil
2. Faith - Believing Good over Evil
3. Spiritual Understanding - Unreality of Evil
4. Infinite Being - Good Unopposed
5. Integration - Pure Goodness filling Empty Space
6. Consumation and Wholeness

There is a passage in the Conclusion chapter of the book that speaks to this picture as follows:

The progression from undifferentiated observation to final integration appears to form a complete cycle. If we were to picture such a process symbolically, it might look like something happening slowly in pond water seen under a microscope. Perhaps this cycle illustrates human spiritual evolution over the last thousands of years or the spiritual growth of a single individual or of a single cell. It may be a process ever taking place on the frontiers of revelation as new aspects of the infinite idea dawn in thought, a sort of spiritually mental metabolism. It is a pattern beginning and ending with wholeness. It goes from wholeness to differentiation and self-division, to separation from within, to disassociation and exclusion, and finally to reconciliation and integration, forming a new sense of wholeness. Maybe this goes on forever.

The previous three pages in this section all speak to the same basic patterns. This diagram shows the process of spiritual evolution (illustrated as ascending and descending steps in the last graphic) as it relates to the identification and resolution of the problem of good and evil, as it has evolved through human human history, as it appears in the spiritual growth of the individual, and in the moment by moment processing that takes place in our lives. Considering the cycle-time for the above picture to be 6000 years, ten years, or three days suggests that this cycle could be the basic building block for a fractal.

If you're not comfortable with such graphics or if these diagrams just don't make sense to you, that's OK. In fact, the best pictures will be the ones you sense in your mind's eye as you consider your own ideas about these things. When I was drafting the book, I planned to use these graphics, but then decided against it. One theme of hyperthot is that when your spiritual conception and elimination are in balance, you can integrate them in wholeness and see your own thoughts. Since seeing is believing, your mental seeing enables you to reform and regenerate your beliefs, bringing renewal to your life.

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