The Problem of Good and Evil is Solved!

The infinite "I" reveals the solution to the problem of good and evil. The solution is simple to state, but it requires thinking way outside the dots to get it. The book The Knowledge of Good and Evil begins with this sentence: "The problem of good and evil is solved as they are infinite and one fits in the other, so the meaning of every infinite word is good." It takes the rest of the book to limber up your mind and show you how this statement is true and what it means.

The book continues: "This can begin to make some sense when you think of evil as the absence of good." If you never thought about this before, it might take about five giant mental footsteps to get to where the answer is obvious. Once you get through the solution, you will see how the process forms a complete cycle that goes on repeatedly.

This subject addresses the last steps that involve thinking outside the human dimension. When you get to the point where evil is "the absence of good," magnifying your idea of goodness can make evil seem to disappear. It doesn't disappear to your senses, but its mental aspect vanishes from your mind. You will see the spiritually mental good you express operating unopposed. Then you are ready for the next step in the solution. If evil is an absence, and you let it be infinite, it defines infinite empty space and time. This provides empty space in which to conceive creation anew.

It may be that our minds are naturally incapable of registering infinite evil until we have spent a lot of time thinking about infinite good. If you embraced infinite evil without an awareness of the supremacy of infinite good, you might end up confronting a spiritually mental black hole. The book is structured so you don't get to jump right down the hole, but spend time getting charged up thinking about infinite goodness first. The book walks you through the steps, involving you in substantial spiritual mountain climbing. Then it describes the solution, as well as some interesting insights about male and female, wholeness, and holiness.

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