The Comfort of the Sweet Negative

Congratulations! If you have made it to this page, you may have glimpsed something of the sweetness of the infinite negative. That concept simply means that it would be very good news to find out that some things were infinitely not. Pick disease for starters, or maybe poverty, starvation, cruelty, suffering, misery, wretchedness, and inhumanity. If we let negatives be infinite, they are infinitely negative, and they are gone. Yes, sure this is nonsense, and there is a chapter on that too.

If you are merely living in the senses, it is hard to see the essential nothingness of evil. As you increasingly fill your mind, heart, and soul with spiritual goodness, the mental aspect of evil will diminish by stages from malice, to punishment, to adversary, to false belief, to empty space, to sweet negative disappeared. Again, the book The Knowledge of Good and Evil will walk you through all these steps. Understanding the nature of male and female isn't vital to solving the problem of good and evil, but it is great fun to figure it out, and it can provide you with insights about the way things are in the world and the way they are going to be.

Apart from mystical ideas about virgins and goddesses that have been around for eons, the spiritual idea of womanhood first appeared in the metaphysical religions that sprung up a hundred years ago. There was something almost absurd about a woman starting a world-wide religion based on the idea that evil is unreal, until she proved that true by healing. There are a few paragraphs in the book that alludes to this as follows:

The discovery that spiritual truth acts as a principle reveals the spiritual idea of fatherhood and motherhood. Revelation of the essential nothingness of evil, first appearing with level three beliefs, ushers into human consciousness the spiritual idea of womanhood with its promised comforts. The infinite idea of male is relatively easy to comprehend. The male aspect of infinity provides the word and substance of creation. It provides pure word for that which is. The female aspect of infinity defines perfect place and forever time. It gives shape to reality, and defines that which is forever not. The masculine ego is able to provide the essence and words of good. Feminine will and willingness define a safe place, give form to infinite conception, and enforce knowledge of what must be forever missing. In this oneness of seed and soil, we find the wholeness of the infinite idea. The infinite idea includes the simultaneous conception of good accompanied by the experienced inconceivability of its infinite opposite. The knowledge of good fits in the sweet knowledge of evil's nothingness, and they are one. This infinite knowledge of oneness is the true sense of being.

The spiritual idea of female includes the consciousness devoid of impurities, it is the paradox of pure soil. The infinite idea of female includes the embodied nothingness of evil. Were I to elaborate on this, I might end up reproducing the chapter on male and female, and then the chapter on wholeness that follows. Fortunately they are both close by.

One of the most interesting consequences of this theory is its explanation for historical and social imbalances that have existed between males and females. It is only as we progress spiritually that we come to understand the spiritual and infinite idea of female and the completeness of individual spiritual identity. Equality of the genders is a function of spiritual advancement.

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