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Q: I poked around and didn't find a bio. Can you tell me more about yourself? (CM)

A: Let me begin with the short bio from the back of my book.

"The author was born and raised in Massachussetts and received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University in 1970, where he was Commodore of the heavyweight crew. After graduation, he served as Gunnery Officer on a Navy destroyer and then tried out for the 1972 U.S. Olympic rowing team. He has since had a varied career in project management and consulting. He was raised as a Christian Scientist and actively practiced this until his interest in infinity, spiritual growth, and healing led to ideas discussed in this book. The book was first drafted in 1982. Numerous refinements have been made over the years, resulting in this first self-published edition completed in 1994."

My first memories of a spiritual experience go back to the third grade, when I prayed, felt the presence of divine Love surround me, and had a fresh rash of poison ivy immediately disappear from my face. The discussion mentioned in the first paragraphs of the chapter on Nonsense took place in Christian Science Sunday school when I was a senior in high school in the Spring of 1966. During the summer after my junior year in college, I had another spiritual healing experience that probably made my commitment to spiritual discovery irreversible. These three experiences are now narrated as videos and an audio recording.

A few years later, while in the Navy, I set a goal to become a Christian Science practitioner, and soon afterward had the two week course in healing, called C.S. primary class instruction. Having relied my whole life on spiritual healthcare, I studied and prayed for the next several years to become a better healer. While having a little modest progress, it came to me that while I understood how the healing method worked, what I really needed was to know more about Love.  MBE uses the phrase, "that recognition of infinite Love that alone confers the healing power."  (S&H 366:18)   I knew the answer had to be along the lines of infinite Love. 

As a Christian Scientist, I had learned how to be spiritual minded.  Now I realized that, to do what I wanted to do, I had to learn how to be infinitely minded, too.   As my beliefs evolved, and became more non-denominational, I withdrew my membership in the Christian Science Church in 1981. I spent three and a half years, in several stints, working full-time on the book, which was completed 12 years after the first draft. My method has been to reach out for the spiritual and infinite, to let it be my only sense of identity and expression, and then follow where it leads. This sometimes brings unexpected challenges - new opportunities for prayer and, of course, lots of spiritual discovery.

Draft - Spiritual Memoir

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