Prayer to Overcome Spite

One of the most elemental aspects of evil is called spite.   Sometimes in considering evil acts on the human scene one can be aware of what may seem like the sheer meanness of it all.  Spite may be the thing behind this.  Healing this aspect of evil includes our prayers to remove spite from consciousness and to realize the presence of divine Love that brings the perspective that spite is powerless as a form of evil on the human scene. 

Once we have realized and demonstrated the nothingness of this evil, we are ready to use the nothingness as pure spiritual opportunity, by letting it be infinite.  Moving to a higher level of abstraction, and considering the infinite meaning of spite, we can see a marvelous new aspect of divine goodness and power.  This is a wonderful example of how the meaning of every infinite word is good.

Thinking of infinite Love saying, I am the infinite spite of infinite Love, reveals that Love is infinite in spite of all.  Love is present and powerful and all, despite anything else.

This aspect of God tells us that we can love all God's children, no matter what.   It is the specific "no matter what" aspect of God's love and power that we learn from the infinite idea of spite (as odd as that may sound).

This infinite idea of spite reminds me of this statement by Mary Baker Eddy: "Entirely separate from the belief and dream of material living, is the Life divine, revealing spiritual understanding and the consciousness of man's dominion over the whole earth." 

This supersensible spiritual awareness of the power of God's goodness brings not only a sense of Love's allness, but shows that allness to be affirmative.  God's goodness, power, and love is ever present and omnipotent in spite of all evil, which renders evil into nothingness, pure spiritual opportunity, a place and time for new conception.

(First posted 9/12/01, last updated 8/21/03)

Infinite spiritual thinking applied to terrorism and racism.

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