Prayer to Overcome Monsters

The uncovering of human evil sometimes surfaces the issue of monsters or the monstrous.  If one has committed a gruesome crime, that one is often regarded by others as a monster.  This doesn't mean we believe in monsters under the bed, but the mental aspect of some evils present themselves to us as monsters or monstrous, whether in ourselves or others.

To be healed of sin, we need to be healed of monsters within and without.  Since adults don't seriously believe in monsters, for the most part, the word monster is used almost euphemistically.  But it is serious. 

Infinite spiritual thinking reveals that the meaning of every infinite word is good, so even monsters can be turned to our advantage.  Let's consider some positive aspects of monsters.  First, they suggest an awesome scale - take "monster trucks," for instance.  In the movies, monsters are notoriously hard to kill; they have a relentless quality of rising from the dead after having been shot, stabbed, etc.  So what is the infinite idea about monsters?  What would it mean to hear a voice saying, I am the infinite monster Love I am?

Infinite monster Love is gigantic in scale and lives forever.  What about an infinite monster Mind, or infinite monster Spirit?  These ideas just naturally rule out any opposition.  Praying about all the wonderful monster qualities of infinite goodness can rule out of consciousness any finite sense of monstrous behavior in ourselves or others.  Once we have learned about this aspect of infinite goodness, we can no longer be confounded by a finite sense of the monstrous in ourselves or others.  This is something worth thinking about.

What about infinite spiritual thinking applied to racism?

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(First posted 9/12/01, last updated 9/29/04)