Infinite Justice - A Spiritual Perspective!

I few years ago, I was praying about justice and trying to imagine the viewpoint of infinite Love.  At first, we might think of justice as righting wrongs or bringing perpetrators to punishment.  Neither of these views is completely consistent with the perspective of infinite Love, which knows that everything is already all right forever.  In seeking a higher sense of justice, and meditating on the idea of infinite justice, it came to me like this.  Infinite justice means "just-us."  Infinite justice reveals the view of God's creation, where there is God and God's children and none else!    There is just us - just the children of God, with no cause for fear, injustice, punishment, anger, pain, or sorrow.

I read in the newspaper recently where someone coming from a courtroom said that to one racial group, justice meant "just us."  So the complete solution isn't about "just us" as much is it is, How big is our sense of "us?"  Our sense of who is "us" must be spiritual and infinite.  It must embrace all God's ideas, everywhere, to provide a thoroughly wonderful manifestation of justice on the human scene.

This new definition of justice feels related to the infinite idea of racism, described elsewhere.  That suggests that healing racism and justice are closely connected.   And on the human scene, we see more and more reasons why this is true.

So when you think some great wrong needs to be righted, when you feel the need for God's justice on Earth, you can start by rejoicing in the transcendent view that all there is to the spiritual reality of creation is just us - just the infinite loving God and it's spiritual manifestation as the sons and daughters of God, spiritual man and the universe governed in peace, justice, and harmony.  That is true infinite justice.  With this powerful view, you can embrace all mankind in perfect justice and love, and begin to witness our world transformed.

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(First posted 9/14/01, last updated 8/21/03)