More About The Theory

The starting point of infinite spiritual thinking is the infinite "I" -   found by reaching beyond ourselves to infinite spiritual identity outside the human dimension. At first you will most likely experience this as a distant abstraction that seems hard to fathom. Until you practice a little bit, it probably won't seem like much. But with a little effort, you can get wisps of new meaning from it, and these wisps of spiritual insight can transform the basis of your thinking and being.  When this makes just a little sense to you, it can change your perspective in powerful ways.

Perhaps the most concise statement of the result of this theory is the idea that the meaning of every infinite word is good. It may take a while to get that, but it's true. It is hard to exaggerate the significance of this. When world thought assimilates this idea, it will be transformational.  In a nutshell, this means that infinite negatives can be made to have a positive affect.  So if infinite goodness is good and infinite negatives have a positive affect, just imagine what our future holds.   

Identifying with the infinite I involves the individual in an infinite progression that goes on forever. It brings you into alignment with the infinite and starts to brings important things in your life into alignment with you. One way to practice this is to role-play the infinite. Simply imagine how the Infinite might think about a subject, and then try thinking that way. When you think this way, you are, in a sense, reflecting the Infinite - as if your own consciousness were at one with Infinity. Like using a mirror to reflect the sunlight, you can use your thinking, acting, and consciousness to, by degrees, reflect the Infinite. By expressing it, you bring that reflected light into your own life and help enlighten our world. This role-playing, or reflection, will gradually reveal to you how things look to Infinity. With that view you can sometimes see the solution to unsolvable problems, discover answers to the mysteries of being, and certainly have lots of fun.

Imagine standing at the vanishing point of perspective, looking back on our world, and seeing the fractious elements anew as an increasingly coherent and harmonious whole. Go back in time, in your mind, before the beginning, before the big bang, before finite dimensions of space and time. It is easy to get there. Just start there. Define an "I" that is where you want to be, and let it be yours. It is one infinite I. There. You have started fresh. In the midst of nothing, I. That is a new beginning.

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The complete book: The Knowledge of Good and Evil.

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Last updated: 9/28/04