Cycles of Spiritual Metabolism

Judgment - Choosing Good over Evil.

This phase of the cycle begins when we've had enough of random or capricious discords or when we are seeking a higher sense of goodness. Here we can find a sense of order and justice in discipline, obedience, and adherance to spiritual law. Our practice at this level focuses on not doing things we shouldn't be doing and doing things we should be doing. To get more of good and less of evil, we take action. The chapter "Levels of Spiritual Action" has a section on spiritual law as it relates to obedience. The chapter "What About Evil?" discusses theories on the origin of evil seen at this level. If our idea of primal causation is that God created good and evil and gave us laws to figure out the difference, we will be content to stay at this level. If we believe that God is not the author of evil, we will in time move to next phase.

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