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Infinite Spiritual Discovery

    Welcome!  This site provides an introduction to infinite spiritual thinking.  This means using strings of words to meditate on and think about spiritual goodness beyond the confines of the human dimension.  And it means using these words as stepping stones, to reach beyond the words to the invisible and ineffable.  This approach is at a higher level of abstraction than spiritually minded thinking and is also beyond meditation on pure infinite goodness.  Those last two categories embrace the realm of what might be called the metaphysical religions of today.  So this new approach is pretty much over the top.  In fact, it is still a work in progress.  Ultimately, it can't be called complete until it is all proven in practice.  At this point, some of it is proven in practice, but there is still much more to be done.

    Infinite Love is like a ladder that reaches from beyond where we can think, at our highest levels of abstraction of comprehending supersensible goodness, right down to our toes where we stand on the earth.  It is one thing to be able to soar into the upper reaches of thought and exult in the grandeur of sparkling celestial goodness, and another to bring that down to earth into our everyday thoughts and actions.

    This site includes a number of writings and articles, as well as a complete book online.  (If you're still interested after reading a few chapters, let me know and I'll snail-mail you a free paperback copy or email you the book in pdf format.)  These writings are an introduction to the special perspective that comes when you think from the infinite spiritual point of view.  This encourages you to reach for the pure sparkling lovely brightness of being and beyond, and to see and experience the wonders that reveals.  Here goes ...

    Standing for infinite spiritual identity, and increasingly expressing this as love and truth in your daily thinking and living, ultimately solves the problem of good and evil.  It elevates your understanding beyond the allness of spiritual good and nothingness of evil into the supersensible oneness and holiness of being.  This leads beyond the contemplation of pure infinite goodness with its sometimes accompanying buoyant spiritual positivism.  The infinite idea reveals the unfathomable wholeness of infinite goodness at-one with the heavenly comfort of its infinite sweet negative - one infinite forever I.

    The vision infinite solves the age-old mystery - that God's goodness is unspeakable and knows no evil - through the revelation that evil words are reversed in the realm of the infinite!  In the realm of the infinite, our sense of the negative becomes sweetly inconceivable nothingness.  More than that, it becomes a safe place and time in which to conceive the infinite idea, the perfect spiritual child of God, manifest as us all.  This gradually lifts us beyond our sometimes struggles to grapple with negatives in the human dimension, into the universal spiritual childhood to the forever infinite I.

    Original infinite identity, seemingly abstract at first, gradually leads to startling glimpses of fathomless, coherent truth and love - affirmatively and conspicuously free of untoward intrusion, showing forth the exquisite forever integrity of its perfect source.

    The dawning recognition of infinite Love, as origin, principle, and identity, is a firm foundation on which you can build in spiritual logic - to transform the quality and scale of your thinking and being, to bring freshness and renewal to your life, and a greater sense of peace, wholeness, fun, and adventure.  Come and see!

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Jim Chapman

This page last updated: May 7, 2013